We all Have a Platform for Creative Expression

Recently, I participated in a group meeting at work in which we were discussing creativity.  The facilitator of the discussion, concluded the session with a simple, but powerful statement:  “We all have a platform for creative expression, regardless of the nature of our work.”

Could anything whose creation requires skill and natural talent, and engages those who interact with it, be classified as art?

As a developer working in a group of creatives, I am not typically the one considered “creative.”  However, my mind keeps drifting back to that statement – we all have a platform for creative expression.  It feels foreign to think of the work I do in the context of creative expression.

Traditionally, the word “art” conjures mental imagery of paintings, poetry, music, etc.  Could anything whose creation requires tremendous skill and natural talent, and engages those who interact with it, be classified as “art”?  Maybe.

Many professionals not typically considered “creative”, could indeed, in this context, be classified as artists.  Take teachers, for example, would you consider a teacher an artist? Teachers chisel their students’ intellect with well planned lessons, targeted tutoring, and creatively keeping their students engaged in learning. A teacher turns a blank canvas into a well-educated, self-aware adult destined for greatness.

What is your platform for creative expression?

In my case, I’m a web developer. I may spend hours or days chiseling away at that blank screen to hash out complex code which in turn greets visits with a smooth, intuitive experience.  Visitors to my website, would experience an extensively laid out front-end and a strategically coded back-end resulting in a satisfying and fulfilling visit.  The expression of my “artwork” is a bug free (and landmine free) website that engages the user, encouraging them to purchase, or share with their colleagues.

Starting a new development project, or a new lesson plan, with the mindset that we are embarking on the creation of an artful masterpiece is a very enlightening and encouraging perspective.  Regardless of your profession, approach your next project kickoff meeting with this idea in mind.

Happy coding …

Cheryl Velez, Grumpy Bunny Dev

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